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Sunday, March 11, 2018

For the love of... driving

I've been driving an old car. A beautiful, strong, green Mercedes Benz with a crazy radio that changed stations whenever I drove over a bump. The car was so cool it didn't have air conditioning. I loved it and knew it so well after driving it for years... but I was dying (of heat) and was excited to be on the market for a new car. Nobody (husband, brother, friend) recommended getting a new car. But after driving two used vehicles (the Mercedes and an unreliable third-hand Hyundai Tucson) I was ready for brand new. Everybody that I cared to listen to (mother, sister, car saleswoman) all said "Go for it! You'll never regret buying a new car." Well guess who I listened to..?

After endless hours watching car test videos on YouTube, ultimately crushing on one of the finer test drivers (nope, I'm not adding a link) and lunch hours and Saturday mornings spent test driving and ooohing and aaahing at car dealers all over town, I found a brand I could get into. There was endless paperwork. I had to weigh between an older model of a bigger vehicle or the new version of a smaller one (went for the smaller). Could I see myself driving a red car (short answer: no). Was I willing to give out more cash for a higher class vehicle with some negligible perks (also: no).

I went to the petrol station yesterday and the attendant looked at me and asked, "Where's the green Mercedes?" He wasn't the first to ask. I smiled back, "This is my car now".