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Friday, June 17, 2016

Greatest Of All Time

Something Gold
Said to be the best boxing documentary, and my favourite documentary of all time When We Where Kings tells the incredible story of the 1974 Rumble in the Jungle match between George Foreman and Muhammed Ali. If you don't know who Muhammed Ali is... you are not alone. One of the most beautiful men to walk this earth, with faults and weaknesses like the rest of us, this portrayal will make you fall in love with him. A poet, a fighter, an activist, a lover, a prankster, a hero. The movie is, like all perfect stories, about everything. Music, identity, politics, sports, style, discipline, travel, show business, and so much more.

Something Old
Girlfight is a film I own on DVD (there was a time when I used to collect films directed by women). It stars a young Michelle Rodriguez in her acting debut. I was seventeen years old when I watched it. It blew me away.

Something New.
Cannot wait to see this. What! Check out the trailer to The Fits.