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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Living it good..!

Hello! Just want to share some lovely resources, shops and ideas out there.

Above pic picked from the inspiring Instagram account of Blavity Life, the "life" section of Blavity Bulletin 'The voice of Black Millennials' and a creative melting pot of American cultural, political and health opinions.

So, last night I had some magical hours to myself and stayed up late watching this show. Of course I realise I'm late to the party but I was gripped.

I spent the long weekend in Swakopmund. If your idea of paradise involves delicious flavoured ice-cream, a fresh ocean breeze, seagulls flying overhead and a stroll along the seaside then look no further than this gem.

Shop here for beautiful, quality, handmade and curated clothing from Africa and Europe. I'm so looking forward to going back and I've already reserved a few nights at this spot for May!

Pics via Instagram @muta.nadimi
Here's to a productive week ahead!

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Ask for what you want

Some time last week my daughters came home from school with a new adage:

"Say what you mean and mean what you say."

I've been taking this to heart lately and its simply uncanny the things that have been happening. Imagine focusing on what it is you actually want and saying what you mean to say. So far I've received a beautiful new MacBook Pro from my beloved, I attended an engaging future trend forecast event with my sister just in time to save me from an inspiration dip, my extended family has been enjoying some fun and delicious get-togethers, I'm feeling fitter than I have in a long time thanks to early morning yoga sessions, frequent massages, an amazing chiropractor and plenty of fresh greens. Speaking truthfully (to myself and to others) and SUDDENLY my world is filled with an abundance of opportunities, books to read, places to nap and a more positive self-esteem.

Here are some fun and interesting and maybe even useful links in the spirit of abundance. Enjoy!

Second best to a brand new computer is a fresh new desktop wallpaper. Check out these free botanical and fruity wallpapers from Justina Blakeney.
Depression wears ordinary clothes. It catches me at the strangest moments. It's a familiar and unwelcome companion. It leaves me feeling alone when I'm most loved. It almost seems never OK to talk about it. But lately when I've stared it in the face and called it by name it's been less menacing. Of the three things named in this heartfelt post (scroll down to the Guest post by Alexandra King-Lyles), gentle exercise (yoga and dancing around the house) and plenty of rest (a warm bath, early to bed, weekday naps, and saying 'No' way more often) have been appropriate remedies.
Black people have gorgeous homes too. You wouldn't know it if you read South African decor magazines (Yes, Elle Decor SA). But the Internet has fixed things. We now have an online mag. It recently featured a beautiful art-filled home in Johannesburg.
When wondering about wandering in my career, I take a visit to Penelope Trunk. Always thought provoking. It was she who inspired me to take the Myers-Briggs test and "discover" my true self.
I'm currently reading too many books at once. One of them is a Donna Tartt novel for an online writing course (because to write well one must read well) through my alma mater Bennington College. We were sent a link to an archive of the college paper The Bennington Voice and apart from the interview with Tartt it was mighty interesting to see and read some of the rest of the content from the 28 October 1992 edition. Has America changed at all?
This is happening tonight. Tickets at the door. Laz Jacobs has risen from funny guy in the 1990s to successful entrepreneur in the 20teens.

That's it!