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Friday, February 15, 2013

What would you risk for the love of money?

I am very proud to have made my first film as an independent film producer here in Namibia. Lushdreamer Creative Services worked with an amazing team for the 2011/2012 slate of the Namibia Film Commission funded short films with additional funding from Focus Features Africa First Program. Written and directed by Oshosheni Hiveluah, this 24 minute film was awarded Best Music Score (Steffen List) and Audience Choice Award at the 2012 Namibia Film & Theatre Awards.

"100 Bucks" is an urban Namibian story of the journey of a 100-dollar note that passes from hands of wealth to hands of need and through thieving hands. Through the journey of the currency brief insights into the lives of different characters are revealed that weave in and out of each otherʼs lives and the daily struggles they face. Click *here* to see the trailer on youtube!

Want to buy a copy? For local and international orders email me: lushdreamer(at)gmail(dot)com
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Also - check out this awesome post by our Production Designer - Caroline de Meersseman on her photography blog Carography where she explains what her role was on the production team.

[Photos by Caroline de Meersseman and Christine Skowski]

Friday, February 08, 2013

Cannot get enough of Priscilla Ahn

I've been spending quite some time at home. Sometimes alone. And I usually love it. But I'm living next to a construction site... and well, there's no such thing as peace and quiet with big trucks rumbling by, the relentless 'peeep, peeep, peeep, peeep, peeep' of some vehicle backing up, banging hammers, the chatter of men at work, drilling noises, aaaaaarrrrrgggggh.

So - a good reason to listen to some really soothing music. Enter Priscilla Ahn. I first heard her years ago back when we used to live in Amsterdam. I love listening to her when carrying the babies ;)

Here is a youtube channel of her top tracks.  Dream away!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Not feeling myself...

I am 36 weeks pregnant and I'm... just not feeling myself. You'll want to correct me - that I should say "not feeling like myself". But that's Namlish for you, I'm not feeling myself.

There is plenty to blame: raging hormones, this sticky sweltering heat, a husband who always seems to find a way of taking the attention from me when I need him most, gaining 17 kilos in 8 months, living next to a construction site, the list goes on.

But perhaps it has more to do with this. That I have two heartbeats. That I'm pulling myself between the ecstasy of a new life growing inside of me and the energy that comes with it and the realisation that I'm in fact not superwoman (and no one expects me to be) but just a big slow human elephant in gestation (well, that's how I feel). But despite this feeling... looking at my 'to do list' and proud of what I've accomplished and simultaneously thinking "I should just give up now" - I have plenty to be grateful for. Firstly, my gorgeous daughters who give me and the belly loads of loving attention. My husband who, despite how much I enjoy blaming him for everything, is my dream come true, my rock who assures me that everything is going to be alright - together with whom I'm building this family and our home. The wonderful support of family and friends. And life's simple pleasures: ice blocks, afternoons spent by the pool, good reads, a garden to tend to, summer parties, pretty white butterflies everywhere and good food.

I am filled with immense gratitude for the blessing of bringing another soul into the world. And perhaps that's enough to keep me busy. Nothing but eating, resting and loving gets done today. I'm grabbing my copy of The English Patient and heading outside to the pool.

[Photo by Naomi Nadimi]

How to survive the summer

It's still so hot... looking at photos from the past weeks I realise we spent a lot of time in water (in the pool or in a bucket), picnicking in the park, reading in the shade, working on our garden and eating outdoors.

[Photos by Mutaleni & Ruben Nadimi]