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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 4 - Efteling

Monday 23 April. Photographs by Celine Nadimi and Roya Wolters.

The Efteling is the largest amusement park in The Netherlands. Believe it or not we never made an effort to go there when we lived in the country. Our children have heard a lot about it from their friends and cousins and finally - Celine, Ruben's sister, took Naomi along with her three children Roya, Rafi and Luka on a day out to this amazing place! It is especially popular for its fairy tale forest or "sprookjes bos".


Day 3 - feest!

Sunday 22 April. Photographs by Tim Wolters.

The family got together for a double birthday bash on Sunday.

Naomi and her cousin Rafi were born a week apart in April 2007. They are crazy about each other and have a special bond. The cousins celebrated their first birthdays together 4 years ago and it was a lot of fun! See more pics here:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 2 - Amsterdam

Saturday 21 April. Photographs by Nikita Shabhazi

Naomi and Mila are lucky to have many aunties in Amsterdam! Here she is with Nikita and Ebisse. Her friend Samuel is hiding in his jacket! In my first years of parenting these ladies (and many others) offered wonderful support and friendship. In true Dutch style - they went shopping by bicycle with the children riding in seats at the front or back of the bike.

Nikita is Naomi's second mother. Nikita and I would travel together with Naomi and people on planes and trains would always compliment her on her beautiful daughter ;)

Reading comics and hanging out with Samuel and papa.

All dressed up for the wedding and ready to go!

Naomi in The Netherlands - April 2012

Dear all, it's been a long long time since we've posted on this blog.

After months of enjoying so many wonderful blogs and getting inspired - I have the perfect occasion to re-launch our little blog: Ruben and Naomi are in The Netherlands on a 10 day trip together!

Naomi is super excited and I have never seen my big girl so happy. She and her papa went to a wedding together and while Ruben does some work Naomi will be staying with family, catching up and playing with her cousins, and creating new memories for her birth land. Mila and mama are home bonding. It's also nice to have some one-on-one time with my youngest daughter.

But here we'll be documenting Naomi's trip in photographs. This will be a great way for her to enjoy her adventure when she gets back. With all my good intentions... it may be years before I print an album for her - and that's the beauty of blogging, you can instantly document your activities and simultaneously share them with family, friends and even people you've never met who may be interested in what you do. Thanks to all the family and friends who have sent us their photos!