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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

last weeks of 2010

The last weeks of 2010 were spent on Oupa & Ouma's farm. The family came together to enjoy the new farmhouse and enjoy the sun and good food. The children left early with the grandparents and we joined for the Christmas weekend.

Nadir, Zianah, Naomi & Mila (and all the luggage!)
at the back of Ouma's car.
The beautiful farmhouse. The "backyard"!

Aunty Ree, Aunty Namene, Aunty Mutaleni
- and the kids!

Naomi read half of 'The Wizard of Oz' ...
with a little help from mama, of course.
Mila had a few moody moments,
finding her place in the big family.

Naomi pointing out where the cows are.

We also celebrated Mutaleni's twenty-something birthday!

We were fortunate to receive a visit from George, Justina, David & Gerald on the farm on their way back to Windhoek from Ovamboland -- lots of fun!

We took family portraits and
Naomi decided to be with the Alders!

The Nadimis (sans Naomi).
David, Gerald & Naomi. Look Mila, "Cow!" Very charming poses!
And after all that sun... a cool drink
and some yummy pancakes. Thanks Justina!

Oupa and Ouma's favourite tree on the farm.

Naomi and Mila received pets from the farm.
Two tortoises - Rainbow and Sunshine!
Our last visitors for the year were Ruben's cousin Arjen and his girlfriend Chantal who were traveling through South Africa and Namibia. They spent "oud-en-nieuw" with us and here is our very first official group photo of 2011!