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Sunday, December 19, 2010

December already!

Gosh - it's already December! And so much has happened between now and our last post in September. Mila is growing so fast and finally started walking in October (hurray!) and she and Naomi are developing a new kind of relationship thanks to her mobility. Naomi is making more and more friends and enjoying play dates and birthday parties on a weekly basis.

Ruben and Mutaleni are enjoying the joys and challenges of being in Namibia - we had an amazing 5-week run of guests in November-December when we were visited by six people! Ruben's father, Tate Houshang, his older brother, Ramin, and his youngest sister, Famke, as well as our friends Hein and Loes were here to visit.

Also Mutaleni was been busy with organising Namibian film awards and film screenings prior to the awards and we enjoyed a stunning and succesful Theatre & Film Awards Show here in Windhoek on the 20th of November.

Here are some photos to give you a small glimpse of what's been happening.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday!

We Love Mum!

Mila sharing a smoothie with papa.

Naomi and her new (boy)friend Bob making pizza dough!

Naomi and Mila climbing up sand hills with some new friends!

Mila feeding herself. Such a good eater!

Naomi having adventures around the house... she made orange-lemonade from fruit from the garden.

Naomi sitting between her cousins Nadir and Zianah after picking them up from school.

All dressed up... and looking good for the 2010 Namibian Film & Theatre Awards!