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Monday, September 13, 2010

In the past few weeks we've really settled in to our house, and started having even more fun!

we've had the chance to go out and had a fabulous time at M&G's wedding. So nice being Mr&Mrs for a night instead of papa&mama! Thanks to cousin Hilja for babysitting all day & all night!

The crazy Dutchies cycling to school in the morning (yes, the helmets are obligatory). It was so hot that Ruben decided to pick Naomi up by car... it's hot, it's hilly, it's Windhoek. Not Amsterdam!

Naomi is spending more and more time with her new friends.

Mila is standing and will be walking any day now !!!

And the girls get the prize for having the prettiest room in the house.
We feel very at home here.

Love the Nadimis.