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Sunday, August 29, 2010

So far...

A lot has happened...

The World Cup

With blood, tears & sweat Oranje came and almost conquered. Ruben was there to witness it live in Johannesburg. Mutaleni and the girls watched it live on a big screen TV organised by Aunty Namene - who was supporting Spain, but we still love her!


We moved into our own place and have been busy fixing and painting and moving in. With a large garden and barbecue area we are enjoying outdoor living. And the evenings when it cools down we can make a fire in the living room. The girls enjoy sharing a room, so we have a spare room which we use as a play room & guest room.

Bring 'n Braai

We had a little housewarming party where friends came over with meat for the barbecue and had a lovely evening together.

Outdoor childhood

Naomi & Mila spend a lot of time tearing the garden apart and biking and cycling around. They invite their friends over, put on their hats and play clothes and go on little adventures in the garden.

School days

Naomi has started kindergarten and loves going to "school" with her new friends and teachers. She even has swimming lessons as part of the school program.

Family ties

We are also enjoying being so close to our family here and regularly visit ouma & oupa's house where we can eat and play with the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins... and also watch tv as we still don't have one at home.

Now that we have an Internet connection at home we plan on posting updates more regularly.

Lots of love from sunny Windhoek!