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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mutaleni & her girls

BBQ at the daycare!

The children's daycare had their annual summer BBQ - loads of fun for little people & big people alike. Naomi got her face painted like a butterfly, there was a jumping castle, loads of food and live music!

Watch the parents, teachers & children dance together!
What a great party!

Day at the beach

Naomi, Mila & Mutaleni discovered Ijburg beach a few weeks ago & spent the day there with Bregje & Tristan and Ebisse & Sonali.

our beach camp

mamas & babies

Bregje & Tristan

Bregje & Mila

Mila all smiles

baby Sonali

Ebisse & Sonali

Naomi & Ebisse

Home all day

Mila... growing by the day.

Naomi snuggles up.

"Sister, my sister".

Time to cook!

Naomi's self-made kitchen :)