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Monday, June 30, 2008

JUNE 2008

Kuku Nangolo and Uncle Matati were both in Amsterdam for a visit at the end of June. Baba Joon came over and we enjoyed a great dinner at our local Iranian restaurant, Kleine Perzie, with Oom Sietse and cousin Nyske.

Naomi had a hard time dividing her attention between her two grandfathers and had an emotional meltdown... but they thought it was cute.

Those who eat must learn to wash dishes.

After living in The Philippines all her life, Naomi's cousin and our niece, Norah and her parents finally decided to move to The Netherlands. We are so happy to have them here with us. Norah had a birthday bash and the girl cousins had a chance to catch up... Roya really enjoyed this as it got her all excited about her baby sister due in September!

There's nothing like hearing that sweet but naughty laugh followed by the soles of her feet slapping onto the wooden floor as she runs through the apartment to find comfort in your arms.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

bicycle in the Vondelpark

Vondelpark... what a lovely place. Even the bicycle feels at home.


Naomi had a small operation on Tuesday morning (17 June) to remove her nose tonsils at the hospital where she was born. It seems to be a common procedure for many children here as we've spoken to friends and aquintances who've shared their own experiences of their children having gone through it. We were prepared for a not so pleasant experience. Fortunately, after a rough morning - no food or drink since previous night, being put under anesthesia, a bleeding nose and ears, and two ice lollies (that part wasn't so bad) and some pain relief medication in the bum (zetpillen)... Naomi took a loooooooooooong nap. When she woke up, she was in such a good mood - that we had to go to the park and celebrate her bravery. Here she is being her wonderful sweet self.

Nothing gets in the way of this girl and her food!

"Are you talkin' to me..?"

A little song and dance.

Even the ducks came by to say hello. Or was that "quack"?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

videos of Naomi walking!


The little rascals in Baba Joon's fruit bowl.

road trip

The three of us met up with Nathalie, Joe and Brian in "de Ardennen" Belgium for a family weekend. Pics of Naomi having her milk break during the trip, posing with Papa next to a waterfall and of all of us in the town of Spa.