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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

13 months and 12 days - a short report by Mama

Today Naomi took her first steps. Just before 4pm at home this afternoon after I picked her up from daycare. She had not taken her usual morning or afternoon naps, but was still in a surprisingly good mood. We got home, I took off her scarf, sweater and jacket while she sat on the couch and then placed her on the floor standing. "Come to Mama..", I said - and she did!

She's a healthy eater with such a big appetite that after she's finished what's on her plate - she'll help you with what's left on yours. She loves to sing, play the drums, dance and clap her hands. She knows how to act like she's talking on the phone, reading serious books and cycling on her own by pushing my hands off the handle bars when she's in her bike seat so she has the feeling that she's in control. She's not crazy about "swimming" but she loves water - washing her hands, watering the pot plants, bath time, and of course drinking it. Her favourite fruits are bananas and strawberries. She loves pasta so much, we sometimes call her "Naomi Macaroni".

She is not so fond of crawling on grass or having her teeth brushed (prefers to do it herself). Her favourite words are: "ta-ta" (bye-bye or "dag" in Dutch), "ja" (yes), "buiten" (outside) and "Mama" and "Papa". She once said "duck" while playing with one of her rubber duckies in her bath tub. She loves music in Damara, French and Portuguese, and of course songs in Dutch and English - her main languages.

She enjoys switching on the lights, holding the keys when we walk up the stairs until I have to unlock our apartment door, and then putting them at their place once inside. Looking at photos on the screen of the digital camera. Typing on the laptop. Drinking from a real cup without spilling too much. Catching bubbles.

I could go on...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

spring feels like summer

The weather lately has been so incredibly good... it's got us in the summer mood! Slowing down and taking walks with the stroller, meeting friends in the sand box or on park benches. Getting used to putting on sunscreen and never leaving the house without that summer hat. Here you see her with Samuel at Sarphatipark and with Nebio and his dad at Westerpark.


Queen's Day is a national holiday (the birthday of Queen Beatrix's mother) when the whole country turns into a giant fleamarket, people tend to wear orange and have no excuse but to have a good time. Whether it's hanging out with friends, selling your stuff on the street, or wading your way through the merry crowds.

Naomi's first Queen's Day a year ago at 2 weeks old.

Uncle Matati was here!

Matati, one of Mutaleni's brothers, was here on his way to Antwerp (what a detour). Naomi was really happy to see him again after they bonded two months ago in Namibia. He was here just in time for Queen's Day. Check out that bright orange t-shirt! Mutaleni & Matati went out on Queen's Night, and someone got to show her older brother the notorious side of the city. Ruben had to take a photo the next morning just to show the bags under our eyes! We also enjoyed walks around the neighbourhood and made the most of the long evenings.