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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

scenes from a fabulous party

Birthday Party

Rafi & Naomi had a party last Saturday! More photos to follow soon, for now feast your eyes on the birthday cakes.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Naomi on Ohdeedoh! >click here<

Birthday celebrations were reported on one of Mutaleni's favourite sites! Follow link on title.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Happy Birthday Naom1!
The three of us celebrated the big day at home on Tuesday (April 15) with cupcakes and one little candle. We are still in awe of how much has happened in the past year. Celebrations continue all week with a double birthday bash over the weekend for both Naomi and Rafi. It was all a little emotional for our little one... but in the end all the drama was worth it. She enjoyed trashing her chocolate cupcake.

Showing off her skills, balancing on the couch and playing with the light switch. Imagine the trouble when she starts to walk!

Thank you for all the beautiful cards! We also enjoyed receiving your phonecalls, e-mails and text messages. Hieper-de-piep Hoera!

early bird

Last week Wednesday... a whole week before the big day, Naomi received her first birthday card all the way from her grandmere Norma in New York! She was so excited she couldn't wait to take her hat off before grabbing her mail. Thank you!

Space Invader >click here to learn more<

Naomi and I went on a spontaneous Monday morning rendezvous to the Noordemarkt, on the way we discovered a space invader. Here Naomi poses in front of a wall with some obscure graffiti, you can see the space invader at the very top.

change of seasons

Winter has faded and spring is in bloom. Look at the view from our window from a few weeks ago and now. Naomi was a little concerned. Global warming, she thought. But after reassuring her that it was simply the change of season and that it meant her birthday was coming up very soon, she cheered up!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Naomi and Luna in Flevopark!

Naomi and her little Finnish-Cuban friend Luna spent the afternoon together. Mamas Mutaleni and Jonna played along! Finally... a little bit of spring.