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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back to A

Naomi and I are back in Amsterdam after a wonderful visit to Windhoek. We arrived on the evening of Tuesday March 11th after a very good day flight (we took 2 naps together - I wrapped up my little bundle of joy and energy against my chest and belly, it worked wonders). Ruben took the day off on Wednesday and we spent it at home together. We took a short walk in the windy weather and spent the evening unwinding and watching a movie, Naomi has promptly settled back into her routine (one she created herself and we just assist her in sticking to... although the whole idea sounds like a joke to my family in Namibia!)
Today she went to the creche and had a lot of fun. I'm told she was a little more energetic than they are used to - must be the effects of the Namibian visit where she learned to dance, and had so much more space than usual in which to crawl and climb around. We miss the sunshine and heat and of course the Mbumbas and all our other family and friends who made the time to be with us. But it's also so nice to be home again with Papa/Ruben.

Splashing around in the pool at home in Windhoek.

Catching some sun with Uncle Matati.

With Ouma and Oupa in town.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I am so happy in Namibia

Naomi Carla Muna is enjoying all the loving attention from her family in Namibia!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Letter from Namibia

Hello everyone,

Naomi and I arrived in Windhoek on Tuesday February 26th. We are here to visit our family and for Naomi to show her grandparents just how much she's grown. Our last visit was 7 months ago when she turned 3 months old. The 10 hour plane ride was alright (just a little exhausting for mama) with Naomi putting on a show for the other passengers, crawling down the corrider and wanting to grab the bottle of her fellow baby passenger. As soon as we touched down on Namibian ground it didn't take long to find Ouma and aunty Namene waiting for us, and Naomi promptly flew into her grandmother's arms.

The weather is warm, although most days a little overcast because of the late rainy season. The rain showers so far have been short but produce thick juicy raindrops and even hailstones which we rush out to catch and chew (sounds crazy, I know, Namibians). Naomi has adapted to Namibian life by indulging in real food and is refusing to eat baby food. She's being fed chicken, butternut, meat, fish, carrots and potatoes straight from mama and ouma's plates. She is also going to be bed very very late and learning to watch cartoons with her cousins Nadir and Zianah. But she's on vacation, so why not!

Oh, Naomi is really keen on practicing to stand. She's also getting better and better at climbing. Hopefully she can hold on a bit till we return home before she decides to start walking! Papa calls and skypes with us and is very happy that her grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins are enjoying being with her.

You can see more photos on my facebook profile and you'll will hear from us soon again.

Lots of love and warm greetings from beautiful Namibia,
Mutaleni & Naomi