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Friday, August 17, 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rafi and Naomi at 3and-a-half months!

We're back...

The laundry is finally dry... below are posts with photos from Windhoek, Owamboland and Cape Town. Videos will come soon. Naomi is comfortably settling into the Dutch summer.


Naomi finally got to meet her Namibian grandfather, kuku Nangolo, at 11weeks and 6days!

Don't they look alike!

We had a big gathering of family and friends...
here the women pose together.

Naomi gets introduced to her cousins.

Zianah has to share her Uncle Ruben with the little one.

Nadir could not get enough of his newest cousin!

Taleni, Loide & Mahevo's daughter, holds Naomi.

Loide and Mahevo coo.

Aunty Jeanette oogles.

Family dinner on Kasteel Street at the guesthouse.

Uncle Matati and his niece.

Dinner at Nabil and Ndiitah's with Vahid and Tjireya.

Naomi with Aunty Ndiitah

and Aunty Tjireya.

Naomi, Ruben and Kyana at 19 Day Feast
at the Baha'i local centre in Katutura, Windhoek.

Zianah celebrated her 7th birthday on July 17th with lots of friends...

...and a jumping castle!

Me Selma with Naomi.

The Namibian cousins in order of age:
Desiela, Nadir, Zianah, Tia and Naomi.

We visited Desmond & Basiela at home.

For Namene's 22nd birthday we had a professional family photo shoot.
Mum and Dad steal a moment.

Desmond and Mutaleni take a break with the babies.

Before we left Windhoek we welcomed Oma Adri, Gerlof, Judith and her family at Luxury Hill Guesthouse.


We went to Owamboland to Onamene farm to spend some time in nature and, of course, introduce Naomi to the family there.

Naomi was "officially" welcomed into the Mbumba clan through a ceremony performed by Me Magga at the Itope homestead in Oniipa.

Ruben, by way of marriage and now fatherhood, has reached the top tier of Ndonga family hierachy. Here he poses with his father-in-law.

Naomi with her Uncle Axas, who now works in Owamboland.

Oh, yeah... we spotted some animals in Etosha National Park on our way back. After all, what's a trip to Africa without some wildlife.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cape Town

Here are some of our holiday pictures! Our journey began in Cape Town were we stayed in an apartment for one week and did a lot of touristy things and hung out with friends. On our way back we stayed at the Daddy Long Legs hotel (one of the worlds smallest & coolest).

Little world traveller on her way to Robben Island with Table Mountain in the background.

A map shows us exactly where we are.

On top of the world!

Papa and baby have a moment.

The three of us on top of Table Mountain.

Yes... we were there.

Posing with some girls in Nyanga, one of the townships in Cape Town.

We visited a daycare in Nyanga.

Sinan and Naomi get to know each other.

Catching up with Moko somewhere cosy...
what's the name of the place again?

Penguin watching at Boulders.

Chilling out in our hotel room: Freshly Ground, decorated with CDs featuring the South African bands favourite music.

The view from our room.

Naomi on her first long distance bus ride:
Cape Town to Windhoek in 21 hours!